SPIRE Manager Assistant

Spire IT Technology  Developing Department

Designing, prototyping, and implementing game and UI experiences that meet our demanding standards for quality. Visualize the content and functionality of in-game and out-of-game user interfaces. Create and maintain wireframes and user flows and coordinate with other team members to incorporate feedback and devel

Date: 25 January (Before) Jobs: 2 Jobs (Developer) City: Surat
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Collaborate with programmers to ensure innovative, attractive, and functional user experiences are delivered. Act as a player advocate to ensure the highest level of usability, playability, and visual excitement.Proven background in innovative and intuitive design with strong conceptual art skills Comprehensive knowledge of layout, Deep understanding of UI usability principles, Previous experience designing UI for games, Strong verbal and written communications skills, Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative.


  •    Actively participate in concept development and design ideation as part of a small team.
  •    Rapidly build and iterate prototypes that push the bounds of today’s computing to prove concepts and test ideas.
  •    Develop polished, high-fidelity functional prototypes to prove and sell concepts to development teams and senior leadership.
  •    Partner with engineering to ensure that interactive techniques and technologies translate through to shipping products and services.

What Do You Need

  •   Experience working with a team of user interface designers.
  •    Passion for playing and making video games .
  •    Proficiency using Microsoft Visio, or an equivalent wireframing application.
  •    Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and / or Adobe Illustrator.
  •    Experience designing applications for a global and multi-lingual user base.
  •    Excellent grasp of typography and color theory.

What Do We Offer

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